Sunday, October 7, 2007

Nothing new

Today was almost as quiet as yesterday. We just enjoyed our time together. We had church, lunch and then my husband studied while I hit the gym and the girls napped. Later we went to Sam's Club. That about sums up our entire day.
I have to blog about the most disturbing sight we witnessed this evening. As we were getting out of our minivan our attention fell onto a family of three (mom, dad and a boy of 5 or 6). The dad hopped out of the car and lit a cigarette. While lighting it he put his CAN OF BEER under the car. He and the mother proceeded to pass the cigarette back and forth while walking the entire 20 ft. to the store. Where they then pass it back and forth VERY rapidly so they would not lose much of their smoke before extinguishing it. It was sick and sad on so many levels. It makes me so much more thankful for how we were raised and for our family and friends.

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