Friday, October 26, 2007

Simple Pleasures

Tonight was one of those great nights as a family. We loaded the girls up and drove to a flat, grassy area and let them out to play. There was no equipment there so they played in leaves, ran long distances through the grass, gathered acorns for squirrels and chased each other around. It was so fun and cute! It makes me feel so happy that they have such simple pleasures! One of the biggest things I feel though is justified. We only let our girls watch PBS (no commercials) and approved dvds. They have never seen a disney movie and have only watched 2 full length movies. There were many days when they were younger and I so badly wanted to turn on the tv and let them zone out. We have refrained from doing this and instead have girls who usually won't even watch a 30 minute show or video. This is the plus side and the "justification" so to speak. We have girls who know how to play and that don't even need toys to have fun. Many times I have felt either guilty or pressured to let them watch other things, but nights like this one make me want to stick to my guns.


Trinka said...

Amen. :) (And there's always Adventures in Odyssey CDs). :)

There have been studies that indicate that learning disabilities might have their foundation in lots of TV watching in the pre-school years. So you're not only giving them a richer life now, but probably preparing little brains to more easily accept information later!

Kristen said...

I sure hope so!!!!! =)