Saturday, October 6, 2007

Quiet Day

It was nice to have a slow, easy day for a change. We all slept in and had a lazy Saturday morning.
My husband had to work, but me and the girls stayed in and cleaned the house. We all ate all three meals as a family!! That was the highlight for me. Tonight we went to get some groceries and that was really it.
The cute part came on the way to the store. Evidently my husband has been holding out on me.... as we pulled out our drive I hear two little voices asking for "windows down with radio blastin' please". Hmmmm. My husband rolls down all the windows and cranked up the radio and we went "cruising" to the grocery store. Evidently this is a common occurrence when I am gone and he takes them out alone. I am sure we made quite the sight driving down the road in our minivan with our Christian music blaring for all to hear.
It was great!

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