Monday, July 13, 2009


Thank you Lord for convincing us to switch doctors!!!! We went to our appointment today and were called back within 5 minutes. About 3 minutes later the doctor came in. He was thrilled with her progress. He said the wound on her nose is about 20% smaller. He said she will still need a skin graft but that we can hold off on it for a little while longer!! We were so happy to hear that BECAUSE..... the longer we hold off, the more likely she is to get "her" nose back!!!!! Right now, he would need about the size of a stamp amount of skin and she still has a big deep chunk missing. If we let it go another week it will be a smaller graft needed. Using a smaller graft he might be able to take the skin from behind her ear. It will mean a scar but it more likely to be accepted and match the rest of her face PLUS the healing is much easier than taking it from her poor little bottom. We go back next monday and have another check up. We may or may not be able to schedule the surgery then. The other great news..... NO MORE BANDAGES!!! She was even having an allergic reaction to the paper tape. The doctor said her skin was irritated but I think it is the same thing. It was turning red and starting to bleed. SO we have silver sulfidine (Spelling????) to slather all over it and just leave it open. MORE great news.... she was cleared to ride her bike!!! So when we got home, her Daddy took her out on a long, special bike ride. This new doctor is so confident and talks to us about what is taking place. We all feel so much better! Tonight we celebrated by making homemade fruit smoothies. YUM!


Trinka said...

Such good news!!!!

Morgan said...

I know you are thankful for GOD's good news! Still praying for you all, and so thankful for your new doctor!

Kim M. said...

Yay! That is fabulous news. Glad she can ride her bike again...makes the summer time a bit easier. Still praying for you guys!

Paula Kathlyn said...

I am sooo excited for you guys, and especially Kayla! Yay for no bandaids and bike riding :) God is so good!

Miranda said...

great news, glad you had a good visit and positive feedback!! YAY, glad you switched doctors, you deserve the best.

Kristan said...

AMEN! I'll continue to pray that her nose will heal itself. Wouldn't that be a complete miracle. Go ride that bike!

Anonymous said...

I'll try again to answer.
Such wonderful news--no bandages
and the longer you go, the smaller the graft.
She has been a real soldier thru all of this. Don't let the folk who owned the dog go scott free for Genius and you all have
I'm glad the Hippie has been so
supportive. Both are great gals and you are great parents.
Enjoy the bike rides.
Love you all.

Pee Paw