Sunday, July 5, 2009

Break Time

Our whole family needed a day like today. We got up and had church. The Genius got more prayers there. We stopped back by the house and got our luggage and medical supplies and hit the road. We came to a mall and had an outdoor lunch and my sweet hubby got me a Karen Kingsbury book!!!! We found a neat little cafe with homemade desserts and all had something yummy. We walked a mile or so around downtown and then went to a horse race. We were all laughing SO hard! There were 12 horses and we all picked a random number (though in my defense my HUSBAND looked at the stats). The girls picked 6 and 12. My husband chose 3 and I picked 4. We saw the race and the girls were WAY into it. I was like, "where is 4????" Oh, he was there. At the very end. VERY far, like 1/4 mile behind every other horse AND he looked like he was dying. It was so funny! For awhile we all forgot about the past week and it felt like a normal family outing.... just changing bandages and keeping up with meds. My husband treated us all to a super yummy dinner and then we came back to the hotel. The girls enjoyed our super cool shower here... with no time limit! =)


jess said...

Sounds like fun, fun day. Still praying for your genius.

Paula Kathlyn said...