Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We have a few bird feeders on our small little deck. We get some blue jays, morning doves, red bellied woodpeckers and a few red birds. Evidently red birds lose their feathers, but before we knew that we kept seeing this little guy. He looked so nasty and was missing a chunk of feathers so we named him Chunk Head (said with the greatest of affection). Just thought you would enjoy meeting Chunk Head too. =)


Paula Kathlyn said...

Nice to meet you Chunk head!

Anonymous said...

What a thrill it was to get your blog and your Dad's email about
the Genius' progress. I shed some
tears of joy--to think she would not need skin grafts.
You both have taken good care of her. The little hippie, has she
been understandng through all of this?
Enjoyed the pictures of her cap and boots. Seems like she will be a great outdoors gal. Maybe she will next want a garden. The out of doors, horse back riding,etc.
that is her great grand mother's
spirit. She loved the out of doors. Keep us informed. Has
graduation taken place yet?
Pee Paw

Trinka said...

That has GOT to be the world's ugliest cardinal!

Kristan said...

Trinka, my sentiments exactly. Who ever has seen an uglier one... no offense Chunk Head. Love the name by the way... fits to a T.