Thursday, July 2, 2009

Greasy Hair and Stitches

The Genius is so cute these a grungy sort of way =). Her hair is always greasy from the bacitrican (????) we put on her stitches, she has the shaved bald spot, and her little black eye. She looks so pitiful. Tonight we came home and on our doorstep were 2 HUGE balloon/flower arrangements, 2 cards and a set of coloring books. The look on her face could have melted ALL of Antarctica. She absolutely lit up. All that grunge faded away and she looked just like her every day regular Genius self.
We had their weekly therapy today. Afterwards we hit a mall to walk around for awhile. It is a real neat outdoor one. Along the way they have all kinds of flowers and bushes. They girls we walking and put their ears next to a bush. I asked what they were doing and they said, "They bushes are singing!" There were speakers hidden and the girls thought it was the bushes and flowers! It was SO sweet!
We have an appointment Monday for a second opinion from a different plastic surgeon. Other than that we are just getting ready for a four day weekend!

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