Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a girl got!

This. I am not posting photos of how cute she looks with it because I realize it probably quite controversial. Rest assured, she will be under supervision of TWO adult males and will be taking safety classes. She is so excited and she even got safety glasses and a hat that says, "Hunting Princess". She is ready to start but understands that she has to start small by taking classes and learning about safety.


Trinka said...

Well ... be sure to send ME a picture, 'cause I promise not to be a cranky person. :)

Who's adult male #2?

Very neat!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Will do!!! Larry is adult #2! I think he is as excited as Grace!! he said, "FINALLY! A grandchild to hunt with!"

Trinka said...

Oh how fun is THAT? Many pictures need to be taken! :)

Kristan said...

Like Trinka I want pictures too. Olivia will love them.

But I must quote a line from THE MOST ANNOYING movie EVER... Just for a laugh...

You'll shoot your eye out, you'll shoot your eye out...

Trinka said...

Actually ... the barrel is long enough that it probably wouldn't be possible.

Everyone ELSE'S eyes, however, are fair game. :)

Anonymous said...

I never thought I would have a
Grace E Oakley in the family.

I believe she will be the first
in my side of the family to shoot a gun. I really think so. In
this day and age with so many
threats, women ought to know how to shoot.

Enjoy it but be careful.

Luv u all. (Extent of my tweeting)

Pee Paw

Anonymous said...

As a person with 22 years of employment in a gun intensive environment I'm a firm believer that the BEST way to raise kids that will be safe with guns is to teach them everything early and often.

Your kids will eventually end up somewhere out of your control. Would you want their first exposure to come from a stranger or from someone who is not as careful as you? Of course not.

It's amazing to think how much attitudes have changed in such a short span of time. About 75 years ago you would have been considered an irresponsible and unsafe parent if you had NOT taught a child her age to shoot. Of course we don't really worry too much about grizzly, wolf, and puma attacks anymore.

Anyway, I'm still very excited and would also LOVE to see pictures of her first time out.


Trinka said...

So ... how did it go? All eyes still intact, and much education & fun was had by all?

Kristan said...

You do know I was joking about the eye thing. It's just the line goes hand in hand with it.

Anonymous said...

The eye thing was hilarious. You have to throw that in - just have to.