Friday, July 3, 2009


Guess what I did today? Called the local police! We were outside and these guys came by. They offered a free room cleaned (the carpeting). We told them no, but they gave us a flier and walked to the next house. I remembered a friend talking about this being a scam. I walked inside and looked up the company and they were not in our phone book. My husband got their car make and plate numbers. I called the police and as soon as I said the company name, he said, "Where do you live?" He was in here in under 5 minutes, rolled down the window and said, "Which way did they go?" We showed him and he FLEW out of here. My husband said it must be real scammers because that police man was on the hunt. Wow. It was crazy!
The Genius is still doing good. We played outside a lot today and it was WAY too much for her. She was asleep by 7. She is still not eating very much. We are a little concerned because she is not having ANY pain at ALL. Now, this could be a blessing from God, but we are worried about possible nerve damage? She saw her first dog today too and ran screaming in terror. Poor kid. She is such a pitiful little site.


Kristan said...

I don't blame her. I now drag my children away on sight just after reading the story! I DO NOT BLAME HER!!!!!!!!!!

Trinka said...

Good for you getting the bad guys! :)

Maria was talking about programs with specially-trained dogs to help kids get over something like this. She sent me some info on Facebook.

I don't blame her ... but I'd hate for her to always be afraid of them.


Luke said...

I read this and then I saw your comment on my post. Crazy world [smile].

I'll post an update if anything comes of this. We won't get our next milk delivery until Wednesday, so we'll see...