Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can I Swim Now?

The Genius is still being a real trooper. It is really surprising us. I can only believe it is because of all the prayers going up for her from literally around the world! We are pretty sure she has been prayed for is just about every state and several countries. She has been on now at least 10 church prayer chains and was prayed for live on a Christian radio station. Trust me, we FEEL these prayers. She usually throws up when we give her liquid medicine and she is swallowing this NASTY stuff like it's candy. She has kept it all down even though it tastes so gross. This morning neither she, nor I, cried when changing her bandages and cleaning all the stitches.
She has even given me a cute story to blog about. She was asking me yesterday if her nose was well enough to go swimming yet. I told her no, not for awhile yet. I explained the doctor did not want her swimming in pools. I told her we could put a little water in their tiny pool to cool off on hot days. She said, "But if we get another flood in our ditch I can swim in the mud water huh?" That just tore me up! I explained to her about trying to keep germs out of her boo-boo. She said, "well, the doctor said my days were going to be a little different, but he was wrong. (insert some small sniffles) They are going to be a LOT different." I felt bad for her, but also thought it was funny that she thought a flooded ditch with mud running through it would be sanitary!! Today we begin a 4 day weekend together!!! We are looking forward to it and trying to come up with things to do that the Genius can handle.

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Trinka said...

it was CLEAN mud ... ask the Hippie. She's an expert on mud.

Poor little one! I'm thankful she's being a good sport - better than a lot of adults, probably myself included!

I just had a lady from prayer meeting call to ask more questions because she & her neighbors were praying for Genius.