Monday, July 6, 2009

2nd Opinions and Such

Surgery. Plastic surgeon. Attorney. These are the words that are rapidly becoming familiar here at our house. 1 week ago today, our quiet (or semi quiet) world was turned upside down by the attack on the Genius. Today we went and saw our second plastic surgeon. He was basically a second opinion since the first surgeon was not sure he could fix her nose. This new doctor said that the first doctor is on the right track and that he is correct. The nose will be fixable but not easily nor quickly. We were told that she is ready for the next surgery. We hope to get that scheduled at her next appt. this Wednesday. My husband's sweet sister is coming to live with us for a few days to help out. To complicate matters... the new doctor told us that we need an attorney. He made a reccommendation and after a call from my husband, we now have "counsel". It makes me sick. I guess what it boils down to is that the attorney will help us get a settlement from the home owners insurance. The Genius will need frequent surgeries as she grows. Her nose may never be what it was before the attack. I hate all these new words and hate that we have to think about securing the money for her FUTURE surgeries. Sorry to sound like a downer tonight. I am aware of the blessings in this.... the prayers, the people visiting us, the offers of help and the fact that we still have our daughters. Thanks for the prayers and please keep them coming!

On a happier note, we had a great trip with the girls! We just went away for the one night and it felt great!!!! On our way back today we ate a Famous Dave's (YUM) and went to a Bass Pro Shop. On our way in we were able to stop and pet two dogs. The Genius was tentative but did pet them. Afterwards she said, "Mommy, they did not put their teeth on me!" At Famous Dave's we saw another dog and all had a moment of terror when he rolled onto his back for her to pet his tummy. She jumped about a mile high. Poor kid. We watched a dvd in the van today called "Duma". It is an old movie about a cheetah. At the end, the boy who raised the cheetah has to tell it bye. I looked back and the Hippie was bawling. I said, "Are you sad about the cheetah?" She said, "No my tummy hurts!" But she was not warm or anything. A few minutes later I said, "Were you sad about the cheetah?" She started with the tears again and said, "no." We realized... she had no idea how to explain what she was feeling. She was SO sad the cheetah had to leave the boy but had no words to express it. It was adorable and very, very sad! But also very cute!!!!


Trinka said...

Thanks for the update. I'm so thankful I can help out a bit this week.

I''m grateful to hear that Genius petted the dogs. I know that a fear of dogs is a pretty minor problem compared to all the rest of it ... but those two love animals so much that I'd hate to see that dampened.

See you tomorrow!

Allison said...

I have just read all of your posts on the dog attack. I am so very, very sorry that you had to go through this. I cannot imagine all of the emotions you must be feeling right now. We will keep you and Kayla's healing in our prayers. Continue to update your blog as new information arises. it helps me in praying for you.

Kristan said...

Hey, glad to hear you're getting a lawyer. She should get a good settlement for what she's gone through and will go through for the rest of her life. I still can't belive they didn't do anything to the dog. Now that they know what it is capable of.