Friday, July 17, 2009

Great Expectations...

not a real great experience though. My husband said that even though he sawed off part of the gun stock was still too long for the Hippie. She enjoyed it though and is looking forward to her next time out. She is still wearing her "hunting princess" cap everywhere. Thanks for all the positive comments though... esp. my husband's cousin! You made us feel so much better.
We had a fun day here! I hit some garage sales with my friend and met another friend for lunch! Then we went with our company to a cool part of town and we spent lots of time out walking. We came home and I made more steaks and we had a "garage picnic". That sounds SOOOOO redneck, but it was quite nice! Then the girls entertained us with some bike riding. Tomorrow I think we are off to a peach festival!


Trinka said...

What happened that it didn't work out so well? Was it just hard for her to hold?

Hope it ends up being a workable thing for her.

Anonymous said...

With long guns it's a body proportion thing. I still have difficulties even as and adult (yes I see the humor in that). Even with youth/women's model guns many of them are just not short enough. First there's the issue with it catching under your armpit when you pull up. Then there is the trouble with your left arm being too straight to provided a firm support. Lastly there can be the problem with the sight alignment when you try to get your cheek down on the stock.

All that said - practice helps and at least the Hippie has some chance of GROWING. Unlike some of us. :(