Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farm Meetings

I will start with a cute story today. We were driving past a farm today. There is a white horse that lives there. Our Hippie has named the horse White Horse. Seems appropriate! We drove by and White Horse and all the cows were standing under a tree. The Hippie said, "Look! White Horse and his cow friends are having a meeting!" I asked, "Oh, what are they meeting about?" She said, "Mmmmm, don't know. Windows are rolled up. Can't hear 'em." Is she cute or what??????
Not much happened today in regards to the dog incident, but we are wondering if we are starting to see some ramifications from it. Today we were just driving along and the Hippie said, "I did not like it when Sissy had her face wrecked by the mean doggie. I was scared she would be losed from us forever." Basically, she was afraid her sissy was going to die. It broke my heart in two to hear her say that. Also, the Genius is being quieter than normal and today she had an accident. She NEVER does.
Moving onto to happier things.... my husband and I were able to snag a 2 hour date tonight and we saw "Night at the Museum 2". It was cute and funny and numbed our minds for a few hours! Plus we had cold diet pepsis and hot buttered popcorn! I also hit some garage sales with my friend. We each found at least a few deals. It was nice getting out!


Trinka said...

Poor kids. (all of you!)

I'm glad you got a night out.


Anonymous said...

May God's grace flood you and your family. Thank you for posting your prayer request to the FAITH e-mail group. We are uplifting your family. In order to understand what to pray for, I read all of the back postings on the dog attack. To my surprise I clicked on the link in your blog today to the friend and realized I was the one who sold your friend her vintage yard sale finds today.

I am glad you were able to step out and be refreshed. Thankful also to hear that your younger daughter is verbalizing her trauma.

While visiting in another state years ago and playing on a playground a stray dog frightened and chased one of my younger children. The playground children said he was harmless and was around there all of the time. Nevertheless, I called animal control, reported the incident and they caught the dog and he never chased anyone again.

Thank you for sharing your specific prayer needs.
Love in Christ, a homeschool Mom

Anonymous said...

Please know that we are praying for you and your family. May God send comfort and healing to each of you.

Having witnessed my own brother being attacked by a dog when we were young, I understand. My brother underwent several surgeries as well. But, praise be to God, the only visible scar is one on the inside of his lip.

We will be following your posts. Please let us at FAITH know if we can help in any way.

Serving Him Together, a homeschooling mom