Sunday, August 2, 2009

The view from here

We made it to my husband's family and boy, did we have some adventures along the way! We left in the morning and drove through some very, very heavy fog. We stopped off at our old stomping grounds and saw where he proposed and where we used to live. We got some coffee at our old favorite hangout! We stopped to see the farm where his grandparents used to live. When we pulled up there was a lady getting out of her car. It ended up being his aunt! We got to visit with her and the girls got to feed some fish in the pond. We left to see where my husband lived when he was small boy. We passed the house where his friends parents live and there were about 30 cars there. We decided to go see what was happening (we were assuming a family reunion). We walked in and found that my husband's friend's little sister was getting ready to walk down the "aisle". We literally CRASHED a wedding! It was mega embarrassing!!! Luckily they did not have a wedding photographer and my husband grabbed his equipment and shot the wedding. Me and the girls hung out and our short! =) We made it up to his family.... eventually. They had a surprise for us! They took us out to this farm where the had clydesdale horses!!!! Our daughters got to sit on one. Oh. My. Word. These pics do not do it justice! That horse was a GIANT! It LOVED the Hippie and her hand could easily have fit into his nostril (or snortle) as she calls it! She was so happy up on his back! Then they took us out for ice cream and we hope to have photos of that later in the week. For now, I need to get cleaned up for a picnic!

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