Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Too Many Rules and First Day Jitters

We took the girls swimming on base today. It turned into an exercise on patience. First, we had to pay $12.oo for "open swim" time. We were in the water 2 minutes and they blew their whistle. Evidently only 1/3 of the pool is open. The rest is for people who want to do laps. There was 1 person doing laps. The Genius wanted to swim laps with me. We get to the end and they tell me, "They cannot wear life jackets past the 5 foot section." Um, correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't life jackets for flotation and swimming? Grrrrr. The girls had fun and wore themselves out but there is no way we will buy a pass there.
Today was our "box day". That is name that Sonlight gives for the day you receive your new year curriculum. Ours came today! We had a blast going through it and the girls must have spent an hour looking at the books and stuff. The Hippie is real excited to have her own math this year. We are trying Saxon Math. Here is what I did not expect.... I thought with year one of school under my belt I would be so confident this year. I got the materials and those jitters came back. Do any other home-school parents feel this way or am I alone out here? I AM excited though! The schedule will be harder and more complex but Sonlight made some good changes and it will be a great here! School starts on Monday!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad the girls are excited about
i'm sure that other parents get
nervous about a new year.
We took the 5th wheel in to have the
slideout repaired today.
Grandma is back at Brenda's and is
making some recovery. She understands and is getting some speech back.
Keep praying for her and for the four of us.

Kendra said...

When I was teaching we used Saxon math and I loved it! I adored how they review the lessons previously learned all throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

It is a joy to read the blogs and feel like I sorta know the Genius and Hippie. They sure are being exposed to so many things and interests, activities and the
wonders of the world around them. Keep up the good work.
We went on the weekend to Evelyn's
grave. We went to church and saw a lot of folk from years past. Went to the eye doctor--must arrange for cataracts to be removed.In the words of the wolf,
the better to see you with.
Thanks for the blogs. Glad the
nose is mending.

Luke said...

Happy Box Day!

As for jitters: I had those before every class in college. There's something about starting something big that feels overwhelming... but you'll do great and may this year be even better than the last!