Sunday, August 30, 2009

Do I Match?

The Genius is very type A. She likes things to be in order. Her biggest complaint is when my hubby and the Hippie get on her bed. They don't know that the blue eyed doll sits just so on the pink pillow. =) Well, we were out the other day and in this coffee shop a local farmer had free oranges. She got the last one and was quite pleased with it. She was just walking along and holding her orange, when my husband took it and ran. She just collapsed in tears. I said, "What is wrong?" She pointed to her pretty blue dress and said, "well, I just thought that my blue dress looked so good with the orange and now no one will see those colors together because Daddy took my orange and he may not know to be careful with it." Priceless!


Kristan said...

Oh my goodness, that sounds like something my type a daughter would say. That is great! Olivia does the same thing about her bedroom. No one is aloud (Sarah) to go in because they might mess it up.

Trinka said...

oh my ... Genius ... some day you've GOT to learn to relax. :)

How cute!