Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Applesauce and a new song

I laughed so hard with (at) my husband tonight! We had finished dinner and he was still hungry. He went into the kitchen to get some applesauce. Now, he likes the no sugar added applesauce. But he likes it with cinnamon and you cannot find it with cinnamon already in it. I just add some and mix it before giving him some. This time he was "making" it himself! I came in and saw this, this MOUND of cinnamon perched on top of his applesauce and I was like, "What are you doing????" He said, "Making applesauce like you do." We ended up having to dump all the remaining applesauce into a bowl and mix it up with his EXTREME cinnamon applesauce. It was WAY too funny!!!!
Before that, the Hippie came up and handed me a note. She had made curlies all over it. She said, "This is a note that says, 'I love Mommy. Mommy is good at chewing gum. She makes big bubbles. She is good at that. She likes cooking for me. I LOVE HER" Now, doesn't that just melt ya!


Trinka said...

He obviously REALLY likes cinnamon. :)

Hippie ... what a sweetie. I hope she never loses that demonstrative-ness! I've never seen a kid before who would just randomly kiss her parents' knees for no reason. :)


Kristan said...

I wonder what would have happened had you not told him it was too much. He would have gagged at that much and cried in pain for the heat. So funny.

I love getting notes from my babies to. They are precious and honest!