Sunday, August 16, 2009

A forgotten moment

I keep forgetting to get this down. When we were on our vacation the Genius did something SO funny! Here we were driving down the road and she says, "Mommy, did I tell you the funny thing we saw on that kangaroo movie?" I am thinking, "Hmmmmm, have they ever SEEN a kangaroo movie?" So I tell her no. She starts describing it and I remember it was a science documentary we saw. She said, "Well, there was a mommy kangaroo and her baby and the voice said, 'Mummy kangaroo watches as her little champ hops in circles around her while he finds his leggs.' ". I about lost it! She actually attempted to imitate the voice on the movie! It was so cute!

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Kristan said...

Very funny and good memory too.