Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Wobbly Eyes

Today I had an errand to run with our youngest. I told her I wanted her to stay awake in the car and that when we got home, she could take a nap. She looked at me (making a VERY 3 year old face) and said, "Well, my eyes might get a little wobbly, but I will not go to sleep." No one else may find this cute, but I did and this is my blog that I titled "Ramblings" for a reason! =)
It was so beautiful here today!! We put on short sleeved shirts and played outside at our friends house for 2 hours! The girls are PASSED out now!! I love warmer weather!!

1 comment:

Trinka said...

"wobbly" - very cute! :)

glad you enjoyed the weather. We've got another snow storm due to hit this morning. grrr!