Thursday, February 7, 2008

No more

Today our youngest went to the orthodontist and I was so pleased with the results! They said she has already done the damage by sucking her thumb. However, they do not want to treat her because they don't want to scare her. I guess she will get a jaw expander when she gets older. He did say we need to have her quit sucking her thumb. Let the campaign begin! So far she is almost 24 hours without!!! He had some great ideas and they are actually working!!!! She is so proud and her sister is so jealous. =)
He said he will not treat her until she gets her 6 year molars. In the meantime we can pray that God would reverse the damage.
Also, a positive update on our oldest. I was at the gym when I got a call from her school because she was upset and crying. I flew threw town to go check on her. She was fine when I got there. Obviously she was not talking to anyone there. BUT the milestone was for her to CRY at school!!! She does not laugh, point, talk, wave or cry at school EVER! We were so pleased! Plus she let her teacher hold her. It was an exciting day around here!

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Trinka said...

That's great news! Maybe the teacher's kind reaction will reinforce to her that it's OK. :)

And who knew that "sucking your thumb will make your teeth funny" thing was really true? I thought it was like, "if you make that face it will freeze that way."

Glad for all the good news!