Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun Day

Today one of my closest friends had her fourth baby. They had their fourth little boy and I was among the first to see him! He is so cute! Seeing a new little baby just makes you feel so excited!
Meanwhile, on the home front, my husband began demolition in our bathroom. We have a few repairs to make in order to be able to list our house.
Our girls made us feel like such jerks today. They have been having a problem cleaning up their toys. We had been telling them for at least 20 minutes to clean up their playroom. They kept getting "distracted" so we told them we were giving them till nap time and whatever was not picked up we were giving to other kids. They came up at the end of their time and said, "well, we are giving a bunch of babies, a parachute and some dress up clothes to kids that really need them." We felt like an inch big, but we still followed through on it. Kids have an uncanny ability to make you feel like queens or in our case jerks.
At the end of the day though the toy room is officially clean! =D


Trinka said...

"ugh" to the demolition! Nothing like starting an enormous project with a deadline! I hope it goes well for you.

And I LOVE the girls' approach to cleaning ... when a room is hard to clean, "getting rid of stuff" is always my approach. And it's wonderfully sweet that they realized they could help others while doing so! (though I'm sorry my parachute made the cut). :)

Claire said...

Kids can make you so proud and humble you just as much all at the same time! Your girls are gems!

Good luck on getting that bathroom done. If I can send over a guy or two let me know! :)

Kristen said...

Hey! Actually, we hid the parachute because I could not get rid of it. They love it WAY too much!!
Clarie, we would LOVE to have help next Saturday. Your whole fam. could come. We won't have car seats because he has to use the van to load the new shower. So he said he could for sure use four extra arms!!