Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red Neck Central

It's official. Our house looks like a red neck headquarters!!! We have been clearing out and have lugged a ton of stuff "out to the curb". Including, but not limited to, a bed, wood, old toys, old books, branches and even some old washing machines (or worshing machine if you prefer). Now we are just PRAYING that we are correct and big trash pick up day is right around the corner.
Today I took the girls to a party for a friend of theirs who is now 6! They got to get tattoos and have their hair sprayed. We made them wash it out though, much to their dismay. I also took them to the bookstore after church and they saw a little boy they know from the gym. A little boy who they always see with his mother. Today he was there with his father. Our oldest says, "Whoa! Mommy! I always thought he was a little boy like me, 4! He must be big because he is all alone here at the bookstore!" She was SHOCKED! I told her he was with his daddy and she said she did not think he had one! =D

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