Saturday, December 29, 2007


He passed the fitness test!! We were so excited! They did ask if he wanted to, he can come back again in two weeks just to see if his times improve at all. We were pleased because the higher your scores, the better you are looked upon for acceptance! He is really focusing on push-ups and sit-ups for the next two weeks now.
We are really excited because our friends called us the other night and asked us all to come spend the night on New Years Eve! It will be a blast! The kids can run around and play until we put them to bed and then the guys are playing video games and us girls are going to scrapbook! I cannot wait!!!
Tonight my husband came and took me to the girls room to peek in at them. They were playing "Christmas" with each other! They had a little red box and were packing toys in it for each other. It was very cute!

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