Saturday, December 22, 2007


Last night was GREAT! My father-in-law called me a few weeks ago after reading in my blog that his son was graduating from college. He asked if I would throw him a surprise party and he would take care of the cost. It was so much fun to plan! No one spilled the beans and he was FLOORED! We had 14 people who dropped their kids off at our house. My sister and her friend baby-sat for the kids. There were only 8 kids who came here. They had dinner, crafts and evidently my sister has very special connections because the kids ALL got to speak to Santa. My husband thought we were meeting at this place for a Christmas Party. He walks into this private party room, sees all these people and decorations! He jaw hit the ground! It was awesome! We then spent the next 2 1/2 hours, laughing, talking, relaxing and of course EATING! It was great! My husband said it was the perfect present and the perfect way to celebrate his graduation! I have to agree! Everyone from the smallest baby to the oldest grown up had a BLAST! So a GIGANTIC thanks to an AMAZING Father-in-law!!!!!


Trinka said...

That's great! I'm so glad you got to do that. :)

Kristen said...

We were too! He said he wishes WE could afford to do that once a year for our friends just because it was so fun and relaxing!