Monday, December 10, 2007


I want to start by saying that I am very sorry for the delay, but the power cord on our computer is not working and we are waiting on the new one. Combine that with the fact that my husband is studying like crazy for his four finals this week, and you will understand my lack of blogging.
Also, I have not really had anything happening. We have all been busy. I am SO ready for a break from all this busy-stuff!!!!
Tonight I was baking these little chocolate dipped goodies for a meeting tomorrow and the girls wanted to try a bite. The things were like rice krispy treats, but made with a different cereal. Our four year old spilled a little on her belly. She grabbed a tissue to wipe it off but it stuck to the goo on her belly. Our three year old laughed so hard I thought her eyes would pop out of their sockets!! It was so sticking cute!
I will blog more after our new power cord arrives. I hope everyone is ok!!

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