Monday, December 24, 2007


My husband and I were reminded of a highlight that happened this past summer when we were on our annual vacation to the beach. Our three year old was with us as we were picking up our groceries for the week. We had them walking beside the cart because it was packed full. We were walking past the laundry detergents when she plopped her little bottom on the lowest shelf, looked up at us with shiny brown eyes and said, "I'm a buying thing!" It was SOOOO cute and we got such a laugh out of it! I can't imagine ever forgetting that moment, but my husband suggested that I blog about it, just to make sure.
That seems like so long ago already! Now it is Christmas Eve and we are repeatedly chasing her back to her room, so it is NICE to recall such a happy moment in her young life.
Merry Christmas!!

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