Thursday, December 27, 2007

Fitness Test

Our family had a great Christmas this year! We spent the morning snug in our jammies, indulging in whole wheat waffles and slowly opening up our presents. It was the first year that the girls understood taking turns and going slowly to stretch it out. We all got some neat things! The girls got a new bedding set for their room and they LOVE it!
We also had a wonderful surprise on Christmas Eve! We got a letter from Santa and inside was some money instructing us to go out and do something fun together! We took the girls to a pizza place and then let them rent a movie. It was so much fun and a great treat for us!!
Maybe you are wondering why the title of this was fitness test? I am getting to that. My husband turned in his preliminary packet for acceptance as an officer into the U.S. Army. It looked ok and so he goes tomorrow for a fitness test. Assuming he passes that he will get an appointment to go in front of a board (maybe in February) and then if all that goes through, he'll have an all day physical and if he passes that he will be in and would go away for 3 months of training in April 2008. Please be keeping us in your prayers!

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Trinka said...

Yikes! Makes me think of those "President's Physical Fitness" tests in gym class. I never COULD get my chin up to that bloomin' bar! :)

Sounds like a delightful present from Santa!