Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bad Dream

We were awoken this morning to our door flinging open and our four year proclaiming (at 4:30 a.m.) "YOU SAID IF I EVER HAD A BAD DREAM COME TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She flops into our bed telling us that she had a dream she was driving me and her sister around and a monster with gray hair was touching me with his foot." How scary!!! What is so funny is that she was telling her little sister about it and here is what they concluded... they must have had the SAME dream because they sleep in the SAME room!!
Also, more bed time drama. Our three year old was "playing" Candy Land with her sister in their room. It was so cute! They were pretending they had a game board and could jump from space to space. BUT, the game got scary. Our youngest said, "Two things scared me in my room. Sissy did and I scared myself by pretending to be licorice." THAT is true talent when are able to scare yourself with evil pretend candy!!!


Trinka said...

well, it WAS licorice. I mean, if it were only a gumdrop or something. :)

Ivan said...

Comment so Kristen does not feel bad. :)