Sunday, December 16, 2007

Great weekend

My husband in D*O*N*E with college (for now)!!! We had a great weekend. On Friday we had dinner with my parents. They kept the girls for awhile and drove them around to look at Christmas lights. WE went to see the movie "Enchanted". It is ADORABLE! We laughed so hard! It is worth seeing once either in the theater or waiting for the dvd to come out. So funny and original!
Our four year old has a cough so we kept her in all Saturday and Sunday. My husband and three year old went to church. It was nice having just the four year old here with me. We made granola together and read books. We did drive out with them tonight to get a cup of coffee.
My husband kept the girls last night so I could go grocery shopping alone and he kept them today so I could go to a work Christmas party. We played a really fun game called Phase 10. It's a cool card game!
That is all the news from our corner!!

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