Tuesday, December 18, 2007


My bog must be getting pretty boring, because no one has been making any comments! =)
Today was a cool day here! Our four year old had a preschool show. Her class were little angels and they looked so cute!!! She just stood there. She never talked and did not DARE move to make a motion or anything. If you have any advice on getting kids to talk, TELL ME! She has yet to speak at all this year in her class!!! She does talk to herself in the bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms.... My husband got a gift card to a bookstore for his graduation. We decided to go tonight to see if he could find a cool book. Our four year old said she needed to potty. There is only one bathroom there, so I asked if she wanted me to come in, or go by herself. She went by herself. I heard her in a VERY loud voice talking to herself. "I need to go to the bathroom the way my mommy tells me. First wipe off the potty, pull down my panties, my pants, climb up then, Unhhhhhhh, make unhhhhh sure you ahhhhhhh get all your urhhhhhh pee-pee out whew, wipe your privates, hey wonder what my little sister is doing, I'll check on her in a minute. Pull up my pants, now make sure you get plenty of soap and no hot water you might get hurt." You get the point. I was laughing so hard!! She has no idea I heard her.


Ivan said...

Comment #1.
I am sure she will talk when she feels she has something important to say.
As opposed to most of humanity who talks constantly when they have nothing to say.
Congratulations to your husband on finishing his degree.

Trinka said...

How cute is THAT! :)

Her dad didn't talk for a long time either. I'm told he let his sister do it for him.

Lack of comments isn't from boredom. It's for the same reason I'm not blogging. Christmas busy-ness! :)

Kristen said...

Thanks! I feel much better now!!!