Saturday, August 11, 2012

Up, Up and AWAY!

I had been updating with my Progesterone levels with this pregnancy.  It has been quite the roller coaster.  They started off low, then I went on pills.  Those did not work.  So they tried supposotories and those did not work.  My numbers were dropping.  My doctor suggested at-home injections on a twice/weekly basis.  At that time she expected me to stay on those shots until we hit week 12.  Once on the injections my numbers began creeping up.  But at week 12 they dropped from 22 to 17.  No reason why, as far as we could tell.  Of course this terrified us because we lost our last baby around the 12 week mark, but we did not discover that until week 15.  My doctor said there was really nothing more to be done but to just wait.  So we waited.  But then I was getting hive like reactions to the shots and they were really hurting my arms.  I was told to quit using my arms and switch to my hip (which is really like your lower back).  My husband began giving them to me there.  At this point in time my doctor suggested not following the numbers on a weekly basis to ease my anxiety and because the baby was still doing so good.  THEN I began getting weird reactions on my back as well.  The last shot my husband gave me (like almost 2 weeks ago), I bled all over the place and got a very scary looking bruise and it hurt like crazy! He said he was done.  I said I was done.  I called the doctor and she ok'd me to stop and said we'd follow up yesterday.  I went in for my labs yesterday.  The nurse called just after lunch to let me know that even after stopping numbers went from 30 to 40!!!! And just like that...I am DONE with injections.  And DONE with weekly blood work!  I feel like I can relax and just soak up with pregnancy and all the kicks I am feeling.  It feels wonderful and my husband is glad to be done giving the shots. =)

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Aprille said...

woohoo! great news!