Friday, August 31, 2012

Before and After

We were long over due in getting hair cuts for the kids.  Today we finished up our school and I loaded up the kids to go get much needed trims. 

Please ignore the Genius' facial expression...she inherited that look from her dad's side of the family ***and no that is NOT a dig.  They seriously ALL do this in pics, Need proof?  There was not even a flash with this photo.  It was taken on my phone***
The girls asked if this time they could be the ones to tell the hair dressers what they wanted done.  We had some discussions and I gave them permission.  They were both giggly and excited.  I kinda thought something was up.  What was going to be a trim, turned into this!

I LOVE it!!!! They look so grown up and beautiful. 
And not to be left out....The Professor went with clips 4 and 5.  We were hoping to tone down his "rock star" look.
He looks so cute! I swear he looked 3 as soon as they shaved his hair off. 
Do you let your kids choose their haircuts or do you still call the shots?


Stacia said...

I have been letting my girls keep their hair long for a few years now and it worked great for when they needed it pulled in a bun for dance but I got tired of my oldest one not brushing it well and my youngest ones looking scraggliy (sp?) so we got it cut to shoulder lengeth for school.
I love your girls cuts they look beautiful.

Aprille said...

aww they look great! i love pixie cuts on little girls because that's what I always had!