Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Small Problem?

I really did not want to post this yesterday because we were so excited to find out our little stinker is going to be a BOY!! But there was a bit of a slight concern at his ultrasound.  He appears to have a hole in his heart.  Enough that the doctor wants to follow up in 4 weeks.  So on my birthday I will go back for a follow up ultrasound.  If indeed the hole is there then we will go to a specialist and have a more detailed ultrasound.  If THEY still see it then our son will likely have an ultrasound the day we deliver him.  However, it is typically a very minor issue and nothing is actually done about it other than identifying it.  Typically the holes close up on their own.  In extremely rare cases surgery is needed.  I am clinging to the hope that it is normal and my prayer is that there will be no evidence of a hole at the next ultrasound and that his heart will be beautiful! 
We already love our son so much and appreciate all the excitement yesterday is announcing his gender!
Also, the doctor said he was one of the most difficult and active babies she has ever seen.  Thet had trouble with every single measurement.  LOL!  We did see his feet, hands, fingers, legs, arm, his boy parts, his sweet little profile.  We saw the blood flowing through the cord.  We saw the blood flowing to his perfect little kidneys. Once we even saw his jaw bone.  So miraculous.  And so humbling to be entrusted with another little blessing.

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StephieD said...

I was born with a hole in my heart as well. A Heart Mummer :)
Mine closed on it's own when I was about 8 and I never had any issues with it, but I'll keep little man in prayer that it will close before he's born :)