Friday, August 10, 2012

A Basketful of Clothing

Last night we had our annual community garage sales.  My friend, who is also expecting a son, and I spent 6 hours making sure we hit every single house that was having a sale. Yes, we do have a small town.  I scored a Columbia coat for my husband for $10, got him 2 pairs of shorts (nice ones!) for .25/each and got him a pressure washer.  I got the girls one dress for $1.00 and the Professor a John Deere hat.

Oh and I got this adorable sweatshirt for the Professor.

But for the most part...I was there to shop for the baby.  I ended up buying him a basketful of clothing.  Some for when he first comes home and some for the following year as well.

Check out the stylin' outfit for next year!  A Ralph Lauren shirt and gymboree jeans...paid a total of $1.00.

And yes....I guess I am a tad excited we are having a boy.

A super cute shirt with a faux layered look.  I did not get a pic, but I got a pair of matching khacki cargo pants to go with this shirt and it is a 0-3 month outfit.  Adorable or what?

A pile of impossibly small socks.  Are their feet ever really this small?

Some cute onesies.

And since he will be here on Christmas, he needed at least one My First Christmas outfit...or possibly two.

Cannot wait to meet our little man.  Buying these clothes for him made it feel so much more exciting.  Now I am daydreaming wondering what he will look like and what his personality will be.  We love you little buddy and cannot wait to hold our little miracle!

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Aprille said...

do you have a nickname picked out for baby #4 yet? (or a real name for that matter... lol)