Monday, March 22, 2010

What to do?

What did we do on a weekend without kids? Let's see..... On Friday we dropped the girls off with my parents and we decided to take in the Cincinatti Art Museum. It was free this month, except for $4 parking. It was pretty neat! It was not something we usually do and it was really nice taking it in together. We started getting hungry and ended up going to a place called Barleycorn's for a yummy lunch! We split some eggplant appetizer they had and I had a baked potatoe and he had a sandwich. After that we walked through a mall and then headed back towards home. My hubby wanted to see "Green Zone". We got in for a matinee and saw it. Actually, we both really enjoyed the movie. It was political but good. After the movie we walked around our favorite outdoor shopping center. We enjoyed some coffee and then ate at a new Five Guys and split a meal there. It was beautiful weather and very relaxing. Saturday we ate a relaxing breakfast at Panera. A local store was offering a cloth diapering class, so he dropped me off and I attended the class. When he picked me back up we drove to a big consignment sale and ate lunch at Longhorn Steak House. I had a salad and baked potatoe and he had a steak. It was the nicest, most leisurely lunch we may have ever shared. Everything was just perfect. I wanted to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid". My husband took me to see that. It was not appropriate for young kids but we enjoyed it! I must admit I even cried! The mom gets an invite to a Mother/Son dance and I realized that could be me someday and I cried! =) We ended up finding a local winery and my husband tasted a few and we met some nice people. We finished the wonderful day with a LATE dinner at a Chinese place. I think we ate around 8 p.m. Sunday we got up and shopped and got coffee and met my parents to get the girls back. My husband and I always love and enjoy each other, but there is nothing like those times together. It was so refreshing and relaxing. I cannot wait til we get to do it again!

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