Sunday, March 28, 2010

Grooming and Double Digits

I was looking at the ticker on my blog and saw that we are now in the double digits before baby 3 is born!!! 99 days until his due date! This pregnancy is flying by for me! Now we just need to get a name for our little man! It is fun talking to my husband about names. We have several we like, so I think we will wait til he is born and then choose.
The Hippie has recently begun to love to set her bed! She usually totally dismantles her bed every day. The pandas and dolls are involved in their games and her comforter becomes a secret clubhouse. Usually her sister helps her set her bed each night, but lately the Hippie has wanted to do it alone. She has been doing a great job! The other night it looked especially good and I noticed one of her favorite dolls, Angie, had on a different dress. The Hippie said, "That is because I found it and put it on her because it fit. Plus I groomed all my dolls and animals!" LOL! You can tell she loves horses when she talks about "grooming" her dolls! Plus when we looked at her bed you could tell she really HAD groomed them all! All their hair was pretty and the pandas fur was all flat and smooth.
I need to go get ready for church now. Have a great Sunday everyone!


Paula Kathlyn said...

I have never heard it called "Set the bed" I always call it "Make the bed" Hmmm- is that a northern thing? :)

Kristen & Cliff said...

LOL! Nope it is a Genius thing! we had her start making her bed and she has always called it setting her bed. We picked it up from her!!!!!

Anonymous said...

:) I was thinking the same thing as Kathlyn! lol.. But of course it had to come from the smartest girls I know! I had trouble picking Ben's name too... He didn't have one until days before he was born!!! It was easier for us both times to pick our girl name then it was to name our boys.