Thursday, March 4, 2010

First Skate

Last night we met some friends of ours for dinner and then we took our kids roller skating. Our kids are all 5 and 6 and for all of them it was their first time skating! Our local rink has a great deal on Wednesday evenings. Everyone skates for $3 and since I had to refrain from skating it cost $9. All the kids had a blast but our girls LOVED it! The Genius was getting better by the time we left and was letting go of the railing more and more. The Hippie hardly ever touched the railing and by the time we left she was actually skating! We all may go back next week too. I had a great time watching and cheering for the kids. When we left the Hippie said, "I wish we didn't have to leave. I wish we lived there."


Trinka said...

We'll find a house with a cement-floor basement ... buy some elbow and knee pads, and used skates, and turn them loose. :)

Anonymous said...

The girls have a great,great grandpa that owned a roller skating rink.
Donna, Bonnie, and I used to skate
when it was closed.
Great fun!!!