Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Creative Hippie

Our little 5 year old has quite the imagination. Lately she has been "writing" stories. These consist of scribbles on a page and then she reads it to us. Her titles are just awesome! My husband wanted me to blog about it so we can remember what she made up. First there was "The Clown Who Never Would Have Thought of it". It was about a clown and he was upset because all the other clowns had a secret and he did not know what it was because he had not "thought of it". The big secret? All the other clowns had water guns. =) The other day after school she sat down beside me and showed me another story. This one was called "The Snail Who Couldn't Slither". (pronounced by her.... "the thnail who couldn't thither".) I asked her, "Why can't the snail slither? How does he move?" She said, "If you wanna know you have to listen to the story!" Ha! In this story the poor snail couldn't slither so all the other snails carried him around. Could we have a future novelist in our midst? Time will tell!

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