Monday, March 29, 2010

Everyday Moments

There are moments every day that you can easily forget about. I want to record a few before they escape my memory.
Last night as we were tucking the girls in, we had prayed and turned on their night lamp, given them their books and turned on their sound machine and music! Yes, they really use all those things each night! Anyways, as we were leaving the room the Hippie said, "I love you baby brother!" and he kicked! It was just way too sweet!!!!
Then this morning my husband had to leave early for a training. His alarm woke me up so I came on out. The Genius was just waking up and she was in the kitchen making breakfast. She was making it for her and for her sister! She wanted her sister to be surprised and happy. It was a great way to start off my Monday!
I hope you have some everyday moments today too!

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Trinka said...

they are such sweeties. :)