Sunday, March 14, 2010

The LONG Weekend

Last weekend was so wonderful! We had sunshine and took hikes. This weekend, we had two girls feeling a tad under the weather and rain and fog. My husband never left the house yesterday. I went shopping for awhile in the afternoon. The girls pretty much laid on the couch all day long. The Hippie never even ate. She took a few bites of an apple. The Genius was very hungry (at times) but had ZERO energy. She was running a low grade fever. The only thing we accomplished yesterday was getting some stuff ready for a garage sale. Today we all woke up late with the time change. Both girls are appearing to feel better but we figured one more day of rest would do them good. So here we are again at home! I do plan to go get groceries later today at least, but even that doesn't sound too great because it is raining! I know this weekend has also felt long because we have our gender scan ultrasound this week, a playdate on the calendar, and this weekend my parents are keeping the girls!!!!! So much to look forward to! This week....I cannot wait for Monday! =)

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