Thursday, January 17, 2008


We finally had a snowfall! It was probably close to 3 inches. Our girls were able to go out and play. We made great snowballs and a tiny little snowman that our three year old laughed at and then promptly destroyed. Our dog Slushy, was able to get her first playtime in the snow. She was VERY unwilling to go out in it, but once she saw me and the girls she thought it was great! I told my husband that I think she ran about 2 miles in our yard! She sniffed and ate snow the whole time we were out there. Very cute! I was unable to go to work this morning because I could not get out of our drive.
It was nice! We made waffles, played in snow, did laundry, made granola and made homemade bread ALL in one short morning! I love it!

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