Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The cord is here!

After daily calls from my persistent husband, our extended warranty delivered our new power cord and it only took the 8 weeks! Amazing huh?
Today ROCKED here in our corner of the world! The weather was beautiful! I took the girls over to our friends house and they all played outside in short sleeves for close to 2 hours! They had a blast! So did my friend and I =). Anyways, it wore them out and they were asleep by 7:01!
Our four year old discovered tonight what she calls, "...a new ice-cream!" I gave her some raw soy beans for dinner and some peanut butter for dipping. She covered the peanut butter with soy beans, ate them with a spoon and declares that it tastes like the best ice-cream ever! Of course, she also dips corn dogs in peanut butter, says that triscuts eaten with a grape taste like a doughnut and refuses to eat anything like peanut butter and jelly! So, you can take her culinary advice or leave it if you so choose! =)

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Trinka said...

Hmmm ... I hope she doesn't have chef aspiration. :) But at least she's getting PLENTY of protein!

Sounds like a lovely day!