Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dear God

Ok. Our three year old is one of the sweetest little kids ever. She was the best little baby and I have always had this fear that she will get ill. She has this personality that draws people in. You always hear stories about kids like that who get seriously ill. She had given us a few scares but so far we are good. However, the other day she asked me for crayons and coloring books because she wanted to make a picture for someone. She worked HARD on it for quite sometime. I come to see it and she has done a great job! I ask her who it is for and she says, "God. I made it for Him." I say, "Oh, how sweet! Should we hang it on the fridge?" She says, "No, I am saving it to take to Heaven with me. In two days I'll give it to Him in Heaven." Seriously, I could not make this up! Luckily two days have passed and we are ok!! I am saving the picture for her baby book.

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