Thursday, January 31, 2008


Well, my husband did pass his physical today! I find that SO exciting and scary! Our next hurdle is the board. If they approve him then he will get offered a "job". If he accepts, then it is just a matter of getting a class date. Yikes and hooray! I just cannot believe that a conversation during our 6 year anniversary has led to this moment. I am unable to fathom what our future may be holding for us.
Our four year old has her appointment with the speech therapist for the results of her test last week. The principal requested to come. Also, they asked her preschool teacher to be there. A friend of ours offered to keep the girls so that my husband and I can attend without kids hearing. I do not want her to hear anything about this.
That is all of our news for now. Thanks for reading! =)

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Allison said...

Hey Kristen, let me tell you what your future holds for you......
1. A steady income
2. GREAT health insurance
3. A wonderful sense of comraderie and brotherhood if you choose to immerse yourself in it.
4. Ready-made friends and social network.
5. Cheaper groceries
6. Access to too many benefits to list here.
7. An exciting chance to go places you've never been before, and experience things you never would've experienced if you HADN'T joined the military!
8. Free gym.
9. Free pool.
10. Other moms and kids to be with who understand the language you will be learning.
11. A husband who will have pride in knowing that he is supporting his family well, portraying a fine example of what men do for their families and country, and defending the greatest nation in the world.....

just in case you were wondering. =)