Monday, January 21, 2008


I got a huge compliment from our four year old today! We had made a trip over the weekend to our local organic/health food store. We bought some pita bread (all whole grains etc.) I decided that I would use some leftover spaghetti sauce and make mini pizzas for our lunch. I made two because I really figured they would not like the pita bread. Our four year old asked me, "Was this delivered?". I told her that mommy made it and she said, "Wow! This is better than delivered! I love this and never want another kind!" THEN they ate it all and were begging for the same meal for dinner! It made me feel good! Then tonight at dinner, she was explaining to her daddy, why is hamburger probably did not taste real good because it was no made on homemade bread. She is so cute!

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Trinka said...

Ah - gotta love appreciation! :) (particularly from a child who's not overly-impressed with food!!!)

Praying for a firm and helpful diagnosis today! (and best of all - one that says "nothing is wrong!")