Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boutique Critque

Down the street and around the corner from the hill where our house is sits an interesting boutique. Actually it is a store with Grateful Dead dancing bears painted in the windows, leather apparel and bongs for sale. As we were passing it the other night, I pointed out the silly dancing bears to the girls. Our four year old immediately pipes up, "Look! Dancing Head Bones!!!!" My husband and I lost it! They had a picture of a skull and calls it a dancing head bone! That was our big laugh for the night until we watched American Idol that is.
My husband found out today that he will take the ASVAB on this Friday, have his physical next week and mid-February he will go in front of the board. So probably by the end of next month, we should know whether or not we are getting in!!

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Trinka said...

How cute!

It really is amazing how flexible language is -- she didn't know "skull" but the language she DOES know was sufficient. It just sounds so funny to adult ears!