Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Professor's Surgery

I would say the day was a success but it was not quite as easy as I'd heard from others.  They had him come in earlier in the morning since he was one of the youngest.  So I got up really early and had to wake him up.  Or course, he could not eat or drink anything.  We arrived at the hospital with ease! I was nervous about parking but it was a relatively easy parking garage for us to navigate.  I have never really been to a Children's Hospital and though it is sad that we have to have them, it was also really neat to see first hand all the amazing touches and the sweet volunteers looking to help.  Here is the Professor upon arrival.  At this point he was in great spirits!

A volunteer gave him a coloring book and crayons.  That kept him fairly happy until I changed his clothes.

He did not approve of the gown.  It seemed like at least 6 doctors and nurses came in to listen to his heart and ask me questions.  They were all nice and friendly, but he was convinced that now we were all done and ready to go.  They came in to give him relaxation medicine.  He took it well.  It did not make him sleepy but he calmed down and got all giggly.  He started pointing to Spiderman and saying, "It's Daddy!"
They came in to wheel him away.  He was not even fussing he just told he guy "ride" because he was pushing him.  He did give me a kiss though!  It seemed like forever til they brought him back to me but it was really only about 30 minutes.

I think this was where it got tough.  I have no pictures because he was very combative was literally shrieking and screaming at the top of lungs.  I was trying everything to settle him and nothing worked.  I was holding him, pushing him in the stroller.  Nothing helped.  He just screamed and screamed and screamed.  THEN the nurses say, "Yes, sometimes they do this." Thanks.  I was just not prepared for that.  I had to spend 30 minutes listening to him and not being able to settle him.  It was heartbreaking.  Finally we go to leave and that seemed to be what he wanted because he settled immediately once we left the little wing.
This was how he rode the whole way to the van.  He cried some more when I buckled him but then lookked around and realized we were in HIS van and he promptly fell asleep.  He slept the whole way home and slept a few hours after we got home.  When he woke up he was hungry and fussy but he has seemed to perk up as the day moves along!  Thanks for all the prayers!


Trinka said...

Poor little fellow! I'm so glad that's over!!!

Cathy said...

I should have told you to expect that when I commented on Facebook. We've gone through 5 sets of tubes (2 kids) and one dental surgery and every time my kids woke up mad. Julie even pulled out her IV. But he should be good as new now and, hopefully, no more ear infections.

Aprille said...

awww poor little guy!!!!