Saturday, June 2, 2012

Moving and Updates on this Pregnancy

I need to keep this short and sweet because we are awfully busy.  We moved into this house last Monday.  My husband had a team from our church come and help.  We had enough friends come with good attitudes, trucks and trailers that they got us moved in two trips!  It was also the hottest day of the season so far.  I think they all came close to melting.  Meanwhile we are slowly unpacking.  I have a fully functional kitchen and 3 bedrooms are basically done but we still have a lot of boxes to go through.  With my husband working 6 days a week and me taking it easier than normal it is a slow process.
Meanwhile I have been at the doctor quite a bit.  My progesterone went on a rapid decline.  22 to 21 to 20 to 12.  It sent us all into a tailspin.  They called in an order for progesterone injections that I do at home.  Yesterday my husband and I went in to meet with the staff and they gave us informal lessons on how to do the injections.  Last night my husband gave me the first one.  I am not sure who was more scared; me or him.  However, it was nowhere near as bad as I feared.  My arm is really not even sore today.  Hopefully they will get easier from here on out.  It took my husband about 6 tries before he could actually go through with it.  I thought we were going to have load up and drive to my mom's! LOL!  We did see the baby on Wednesday and the baby was measuring exactly on track and had a heart rate in the 160's.  However, with the progesterone levels dropping we are scared for the safety of this baby.  We are just praying like crazy for this little one.  The best and only gift I want this Christmas is to be holding this little baby safe in our arms. 

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