Friday, June 22, 2012


We are 14 weeks pregnant and our baby is now the size of a lemon!  It seems like things are still on the right path with this baby.  I had my first normal prenatal appointment today.  I had a ton of lab work done and got to have another ultrasound.  The nurse was in no hurry so we sat and talked and she spent about 10 minutes scanning the baby.  This baby is just like our others and is so active.  But I call this baby "little stinker".  First off, I am still CONVINCED this is a girl.  Secondly, the baby loves playing games! He/she is so active.  At home I will spend 15 minutes searching for the heartrate.  My husband and girls will be anxiously waiting and I will never find it.  30 minutes later I will try again and the second I put the doppler on, I hear that whoosh whoosh sound.  Last week the doctor really could not get a bpm of the baby's heart because the baby was all over the place!  Same thing today.  The nurse was chasing the baby all over and she could see the heart pumping strong but I never got to hear it or get an official bpm.  The nurse tried for a profile shot but the baby kept flipping and flopping. It was so cute in there! Streching, flipping, kicking like crazy! I loved it!  Since I had my labs done later morning, I may not get my results til Monday, but am crossing my fingers that they come today. 

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Aprille said...

wonderful wonderful news!!! i got behind on reading your blog so I'm so glad to hear things are finally going well again after all the scary-ness!