Friday, June 8, 2012

Going Up

Well, I guess deep inside I was really hoping my numbers would just JUMP up.  I was also terrified they would go down.  Instead, they went up, but just very slightly.  Last week my progesterone was at 12 and this week, after two painful injections, it went up a little to 14.59.  I am not complaining at all.  I will definitely take it but I would like to see the numbers keep rising.  I am so thankful for this increase though.  It is still low.  The nurse I talked to, said the doctor has not reviewed my results yet but that she thinks my doctor will just stick with twice/week injections at home with weekly labs drawn to check my levels.  If that changes when the doctor reviews the results the nurse will call to let me know. 
Meanwhile, I am thankful for the small increase and praying that they increase even more for next week.  Please keep praying for our little baby.  I get to see the baby on Tuesday.  I will be 12 weeks and 3 days then.  The baby should be almost 2" and I cannot wait to see that baby again!  Please keep us in your prayers because that will be a hard appointment for me.  The last baby we lost, actually died at 12 weeks 3 days or 12 weeks 4 days, but we just did not discover it until my scan at 15 weeks 3 days.  So, I will be very nervous at the appointment. 
Tonight my husband will give me another injection and we will all be praying that this baby stays happy and healthy!

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